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Services We Provide

General services provided to all residents

  • Full board and accommodation in a single or shared room. The room will be provided with all necessary furniture and furnishings. All residents are encouraged to bring any additional furniture, smaller mementos, and other sentimental items, if they wish.
  • Most rooms also contain a television, DVD player, and CD player for personal entertainment purposes.
  • A wide array of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Furthermore, hot and cold snacks and drinks are available throughout the day. We cater for, and have experience with, special dietary requirements, cultural and lifestyle choices.
  • All residents have open access of all of the Home’s lounges, dining rooms, conservatories, bathrooms, gardens and other communal areas and facilities.
  • All residents are permitted (and encouraged!) to participate in any of the activities provided by the Activities co-ordinators at Aquarius Nursing Home. We also arrange a number of activities outside of Aquarius Nursing Home, to encourage residents to experience some of the lovely seafront Promenade and Parks, just down the road from the home.
  • We provide assistance with all personal care including washing, bathing, and personal hygiene. Staff are on duty 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to assist with this.
  • Which includes the daily cleaning of your room and making of your bed
  • We provide a full laundry service including the laundering of clothes and bed sheets, as well as ironing of certain personal garments.
  • Our clinical team is actively engaged with your GP, social workers, district nurses, dentists, opticians, chiropodists or any other professionals. Please note, some non-NHS care may incur charges, which are the responsibility of the resident.
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Specialist clinical services:

  • For residents requiring nursing care, full nursing care will be provided according to your clinical and nursing needs. There is always a nurse on site, 24/7 to ensure that your needs are met.
  • Nursing staff are actively involved in developing and maintaining your person-centred healthcare plans, ensuring that each person’s care is tailored to their individual needs. These care plans are regularly reviewed and audited by both internal and external assessors, to ensure that your care remains seamless.
  • Nursing staff will liaise with your GP and other nursing and clinical professionals to ensure that a response to more demanding clinical situations is immediate and co-ordinated.
  • All prescription services are available and provided by the Home on your behalf through a very professional working relationship with a local pharmacy and dispensing appliance contractor.