Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we accept residents with a range of funding, including Local Authority (LA), NHS Funding (also known as CHC), and self-funding. Sometimes, a nominal top-up charge will be required depending on requirements and preferences of the resident. Feel free to reach out to our manager to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.
We do offer shorter-term stays for residents. Some people would like to have a period of support, either following a hospital admission, or when a loved one or carer is away. Please reach out to us to discuss options and we will assist you in whatever way we can.
As a registered nursing home, we ensure that there is a registered nurse on the premises at all times. As a result, we can provide high-quality, skilled nursing care to our residents whenever they need it.
Yes! We encourage relatives and friends to visit. You are welcome to relax in the lounge, enjoy our new conservatory, or have a more personal conversation in the confines of the resident’s room. We also have tea, coffee, and small snacks on hand for visitors as well.
We offer a wide array of meals, including several options each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of our food is prepared fresh each day. Beyond the expansive menu, which change each day, we have a list of items that are available all day and night, should you desire. Residents also have access to tea, coffee, Ovaltine, hot chocolate, and juices, as well as a range of other beverages throughout the day.
Absolutely. Our chefs have experience preparing meals for a variety of cultural and religious diets, as well as those necessitated by medical need. Please speak to member of our team, who will be able to offer your guidance on specific dietary requirements.
The list is long! Beyond access to personal televisions, DVDs, and music, we have a growing library for our residents. We also offer a wide array of group activities including quizzes, musical events, mild exercise activities, games, Bingo, and other social events depending on the season.Residents are also welcome to take advantage of everything that Southsea has to offer, including a beautiful promenade, lovely parks nearby, and some local shops. For those who are less mobile, our wonderful team is able to take residents out for walks and a change of environment, if they wish.
Please call us or e-mail us! For our contact information, click here.