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Care Overview

Nursing and Care

Our staff are very experienced in dealing with the living assistance needs of many of our Service Users in ways that can extend and enhance their quality of life whilst maintaining a safe and compassionate level of care at all times. At Aquarius Nursing Home, the comfort, dignity and respect of our service users are amongst our top priorities.

Care standards are maintained by well-qualified and highly experienced Nurses who lead all staff professionally.
Service Users care needs are closely monitored and constantly updated. Furthermore detailed and accurate records of all actions and interventions are maintained together with vital, additional ‘soft data’ such as mood and friendliness.

Aquarius Nursing Home has the equipment to cater for elderly Service Users with various care needs.

Health Services

We arrange regular visits from hairdressers, chiropodists, dentists and opticians and would be happy to organize additional services.

Daily Life

Daily Life Imange

A rich and varied programme of activities overseen by our dedicated activities coordinators includes outings, sing-a-longs, films, quizzes, games plus outside entertainers. Service Users are encouraged to join in as much as they wish or can settle in quieter areas of the Home if they prefer.

Dining and Menus

Dining and Menus Image

For service users who like to take their meals with friends or visiting relatives, the dining area is close to the kitchen so meals that are freshly prepared by our professional chef and the catering team make only a short journey from oven to table.

Healthcare Planning

Each resident receives a comprehensive initial assessment of their healthcare needs which forms the basis of their Care Plan.

Throughout each and every day, nursing and care staff are constantly updating Care Plans to reflect the changing needs and circumstances of each resident, with relatives being kept up to date on their loved ones condition.

We maintain a close liaison with all external agencies, especially service users’ General Practitioners, local pharmaceutical services, dentists and opticians to ensure that consistent, high quality care is provided at all times.